Did you ever think that something so simple as wearing a beautiful piece of jewelry could enhance your quality of life?   Technology now makes it possible. 

     Just wearing a bracelet from VIBERSHIELD TECHNOLOGIES tm can improve your sleep, improve mental clarity, reduce body pain, and more.  You can now try this breakthrough science today.  Contact us today to begin your personal experience.

                The Science behind VIBERSHIELD

The VIBERSHIELD products are based around vibrations and our direct relationship to them, hence the name VIBERSHIELD.  Albert Einstein said, "Concerning matter, we have been all wrong.  What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses.  There is no matter."   Our Planet is the original vibershield, creating sympathetic vibration which we would then naturally absorb through direct contact with the moisture of our feet.  Our brain waves Alpha and Theta, actually use the exact same vibration range to communicate with the rest of our body; its general and more complex functions.  Somewhere along the line, for ease, man began to cover the planet in asphalt and concrete.  Then promptly created a shoe to walk on creating a prime and complete way of seperating us from what is natural.  Adding insult to injury, man then began developing a wide range of electronic technologies in everything from lighting to communications, which, literally is millions upon millions of cycles per second.  Imagine a complete and total supersonic squeal capable of decimating and liquefying with severity, to cause the unraveling of our DNA.  Our bodies' natural defense is to fight against this antagonist with everything we have. Unfortunately, as much as we fight, we are in no way designed to be able to process it.  We actually end up fighting so hard against this, our body forgets to take care of its most basic function.  This leaves us in a state of complete STRESS both muscularly and psychologically.

VIBERSHIELD products contain an exclusive proprietary vibrational technology.  Each VIBERSHIELD is programmed to act as a metronome, reinforcing the healthy frequencies that help to fulfill a particular need.  Our products may help to cope with stress and improve mental clarity by regulating your circadian rhythms  .  A more regulated circulation provides more oxygen, more oxygen provides less swelling and less swelling provides fewer issues overall.  Plus you get improved mental clarity.  It's incredible what therapeutic vibration and oxygen can do for your body!  Order today to begin your healthier life.

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